song Money Trees (Feat. Jay Rock)
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I think I like this guy from my hometown, he use to be a creep to me in middle school but became my friend in high school. I haven't talked to him too much since graduate (2013). Any suggestions?

just talk to him. The worst he can do is not talk back but if he does it could lead to something more

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Lo mejor de mi profesor es que podemos entregar nuestro tarea a él por correo electrónico y también por teléfono celular si tenemos su número (ya que tengo) entonces no tengo que hacer mi tarea cuando es debida :)

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song Ice Cream
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You seem like you're good at anything physical tbh

I fell up the stairs today

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damn I need to work out tbh….I need to get in better shape

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"Su-sein…McSweeney…he say…"

Defining moment of this gen 2k10

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if anybody has an extra ORAS demo code lmk

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Idk what the other anons are on about. I think you're probably a great kisser.

I am damn it

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